Which rules of dispensation apply?

In the 11-a-side categories, dispensations will automatically be given to two players per squad who are no more than one year over the age limit. 

In the 9-a-side categories (G13, B13), one (1) dispensation is by default given for one overaged player, who can be atmost one year over the age limit. Note that it’s not allowed to have more than one overaged player in the roster, who change places in the squad for each game.

In the 7-a-side categories (G11, G12, B11, B12), no dispensation will automatically be accepted. You may apply for dispensation for ONE player, no more than one year over the age limit only due to special circumstances. Please note that you cannot use more over aged players by switching them between matches. Girls may play in boys’ classes if the regulations for age categories are followed.

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