We are not a certified team and want to borrow players from other teams, is that possible?

All players must belong to the club they are participating with, according to that countrys football associations rules. Please note that players cannot belong to a club from a country where the player is not residing.

Most districts allow players under 15 years old to switch clubs a couple of times a year. It is possible to change clubs for unlicensed players at the half turn of the year. You need to sign a paper between the clubs.

Be aware that the player will belong to the club he/she played for at the Gothia Cup even during the coming fall season. The player cannot go back to the mother club as easy.

For licensed players (15 years of age or older), the regular rules of transition apply. The player must be licensed at the football association in respective country when playing Gothia Cup.

For questions about club combinations and similar please contact your local football association. If your local football association accept that you borrow players temporarily, they may play with you at Gothia Cup.

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