Our team is staying at a hotel, can we purchase lunch and dinner?

Teams staying at a hotel can purchase meal cards at Gothia Account. The meal cards will allow you to have lunch and/or dinner at a school cafeteria. You will be assigned to a school where you eat all your meals during the week, this so that we can calculate the volume of the food.

We will inform you before your arrival in which school cafeteria your meal card is valid. Not all hotels have a school within walking distance. If you still want to purchase meal cards, you should be prepared to travel to your cafeteria.

How much does the meal cards cost?

Meal card 12 meals, lunch and dinner: €100/$110 

Meal card 6 meals, lunch or dinner: €70/$75

The meal cards are personal and valid at one assigned school for the whole week. You need to order one meal card per person who wants to eat at the school. 

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