Having meals at a school

Gothia Cup is proud to welcome nationalities and soccer players from all around the world, we have around 80 participating nations. Of course, we want diversity to be reflected also on the plate and we hope that our menu is likable for most of our participants.


The menu will be published on Gothia Account in May.

Both lunch and dinner is served with a salad buffet including pizza salad, cold chicken, pasta, olives, corn, etc. If you like you can mix your own salad plate as a main course. For breakfast both soft and crisp bread is served, for lunch and dinner crisp bread is served. Milk and water are served with the meals, juice is also served for breakfast. At coffee break, coffee/tea and sandwiches are served.

At the lunch there is fruit, you can bring one with you for later.

Opening hours

The school cafeteria is open almost all day to make it easier for your team to plan the day.

  • Breakfast is served between 06.00-09.30
  • Coffee break is served between 09.30–11.00
  • Lunch is served between 11.00-15.30
  • Dinner is served between 16.30-20.30

We do not stay at a school, can we still eat in the school cafeteria?

Yes, teams in category B and C can purchase meals card for lunch and/or dinner at a nearby school. Orders and payment must be made at Gothia Account at the latest June 10th.

How much does the meal cards cost?

Meal card 12 meals, lunch and dinner: €100/$110

Meal card 6 meals, lunch or dinner: €70/$75

The meal cards are personal and valid at one assigned school for the whole week. You need to order one meal card per person who wants to eat at the school. 

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