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At Gothia Cup the age categories G11, B11, G12, B12, G12F and B12F plays 7-a-side

Rules for 7-a-side

The offside rule is not applicable. When passing the ball to the own goalkeeper he/she is not allowed to pick up the ball with the hands. Goal kick can be done from the ground or from the hands of the goalkeeper. He/she can also throw the ball. Sending-off at obvious goal-scoring opportunity is not valid.

Number of players and substitution 

In 7-a-side there are seven player on the pitch - one goalkeeper and six players. Each team is allowed to have an unlimited number of players during a single match, but only seven can be on the pitch simultaneously.


In 7-a-side size 4 will be used.


For 7-a-side, no dispensation will automatically be accepted. Dispensations must be applied for prior to July 1st. Dispensations may be applied for a maximum of one player who already has a dispensation issued by its regional association or where there are special reasons.

Girls may play in boys classes as long as the regulations for age categories are followed.

Pitch and goal size

The goals in 7-a-side have an interior measure of 200 cm (hight) and 500 cm (breadth)

You can find the pitch's measures below. Specified in metres (100 cm).

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