Having meals in a school

Having meals in a school

Gothia Cup is proud to welcome nationalities and soccer players from around the world, we have around 80 participating nations. Of course, we want diversity to be reflected also on the plate and we hope that our Meny is likeable for most of our participants.

Both lunch and dinner are served with a salad buffet with pizza salad, iceberg lettuce, cold chicken pieces, pasta, olives, corn, etc. If you like you can mix your own salat plate as a main course.

All meals are served with crisp bread, milk, water, tea and coffee. Fruit is served for lunch.

The menu is published on My Team Info in May

Opening Hours:
The school cafeteria is open almost all day to make it easier for your team.

Breakfast is served between 06.00 and 09.30
Swedish Fika (snacks) is served between 09.30 and 11.00
Lunch is served between 11.00 and 15.30
Dinner is served between 16.30 and 20.30


All meat and sausage dishes are beef, we do not serve pork. Unfortunately we cannot provide halal food. We do not serve anything that contains nuts.

The most common allergies are gluten, lactose and egg. To make it easier we have marked on the menu, which courses that contains these substances.

If you need to order special food for any player, please do that on My team Info before June 10.

Meal Cards

Teams in category B (hotels) and category C (own accommodation) as well as parents and accompanying persons can have lunch and/or dinner at a nearby school. Orders and payment must be made through My Team Info no later than June 10.

Meal card 12 meals, lunch and dinner: 80 Euro/100 USD

Meal card 6 meals, lunch or dinner: 50 Euro/60 USD

One meal card is valid for one person, that means that you hvae to order a mealcard for every participant that wants to eat in a school cafeteria.

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