How do we make a hotel reservation for the team?

We can offer about 200 teams hotel accommodation. The teams who first have registered and paid the registration fee will be prioritized. To be able to book hotel your team need to be registered in category B and have paid the registration fee. Extra nights are subject to availability.

How do we book hotel?

Register your team in category B on our website.
When we have received your registration and registration fee we will send you information about the hotel booking.

Booking and payment

The hotel booking is made to Gothia Cup, who will send you a confirmation.
Partial payment of 25% of the total cost must be paid at the latest 30 days after the booking date. The final payment must be paid at the latest June 10th.

The name list must be sent to Gothia Cup at the latest June 10th.


Cancellation after May 10th will be charged 25% of the room cost.
Cancellation after June 10th will be charged 100% of the room cost.

We want to stay in a specific hotel

Gothia Cup offers accommodation at various hotels. You are always welcome to send us your request but we can never guarantee a specific hotel. Therefore we wish the you send us you first, second and third choice.

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