How do we make a hotel reservation for the team?

Most teams choose school accommodation but we can also offer hotel accommodation. We offer hotel accommodation on various locations in Gothenburg. Hotels who are located outside the city centre is usually closer to the pitches and with good transportations to Heden Center. Teams who stay at hotels in the city centre will most likely play their group stage matches at Kviberg or in Kungsbacka.

How do we book our hotel?

The reservation is made through Gothia Cup, who sends you a confirmation. When you register your team on our website you will note a preliminary number of persons who will stay at the hotel and which area and hotel you prefer.  

In February 2021 we will get back to you with a booking confirmation where you can see which hotel your team will stay at. If your preferred choice is not available, we will propose an equivalent alternative to you.

Payment procedures

A deposit of €70/$70 is to be received by Gothia Cup no later than 30 days after the booking date. Final payment must be received by Gothia Cup at the latest May 10th.

The rooming list has to be filled out at the latest on June 10th.


Cancellation after May 10th will be charged with 25% of the room fee. 
Cancellation after July 10th will be charged with 100% of the room fee.

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