Gothia Opening Ceremony

Location: Ullevi Stadium

Day: Monday, July 13th

Time: 20.00 (entrance from 18.30)

We believe that it is important to create a permanent memory of the tournament. A moment where everyone is present and where everyone can feel the community. With the Gothia Opening Ceremony we want to create this very moment. Those who have been to the Gothia Opening Ceremony in the past say it’s very similar to an Olympic inauguration. And that's the point. The atmosphere around the inauguration of the Gothia Cup is electric, the neck hair rises, and you will remember this show for the rest of your life.

At the Gothia Opening Ceremony, it is all nations and cultures that are the great entertainment. But as if this were not enough, they are accompanied by nearly 500 dancers, 10 musicians and 15 soloists. Together we create a rarely seen show. Music from all corners of the world is played when the around 80 nations enter the arena and when this year's big hits are played, the audience is singing. There is also time for reflection, and you will find that Gothia Cup is so much more than just football.

When the Gothia Cup is inaugurated, everyone is there. Around 50,000 players, leaders, supporters and citizens of Gothenburg create a magical atmosphere at Ullevi stadium. We have an audience that is involved in our show. That the audience has an active role in the show creates joy and the feeling of being in a community. When youths from all over the world work together and have fun together, we feel some pride.


All participants who are registered in categories A, B and C receive a ticket to the Gothia Opening Ceremony automatically, as it is included with the Gothia Card which comes with payment of the participants' accommodation cost / participation fee. It is possible to order extra Gothia Cards for accompanying supporters. If you want to sit the whole party together, your extra Gothia Cards must be ordered via My Team Info, as the tickets are numbered and packaged well in advance of the event.

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