Game schedule

Gothia Cup will publish the participating teams, the groups, the game schedule and the school allotment in several rounds.

The grouping, the participating teams and the school allotment will be published in the middle of June, at the very latest 21st of June. After the announcement you will be able to find this information on our website and in our apps. The game schedule will be published one week later where you will see what time the games will start for the group stage. One week later after that the set times for the play-offs will be published. 

The grouping and the accommodation are divided in several areas in and around Gothenburg. This means that all teams will play the group stage in the same area as they are staying. Also the introductory play-offs are distributed in these areas. This way the teams won't have very far to their games. The further the team will go in the tournament, the longer the distances may become. 

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