Medical Service

Medical care on the playing areas

In case of an emergency: call 112.

At the larger playing areas you'll find Gothia Cup First Aid staff and automated external defibrillators (AED).

Following playing areas have First Aid staff:  
  •        Apelsinplan
  •        Backavallen
  •        Gamla Ullevi
  •        Grimbo
  •        Heden
  •        Inlag
  •        Kviberg
  •        Ruddalen
  •        Slätta Damm
  •        Valhalla
  •        Åbyvallen
  •        Åkeredsvallen

Gothia Cup's medical center

Gothia Cup has a small medical center at Exercishuset, Gothia Heden Center. Participants can come here for easier examinations and there's also a possibility to make simple X-ray examinations. The medical center is open Monday to Friday between 10:00–18:00 and a visit costs 200 SEK.

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