If we need to stay longer than what is included

Teams that are unable to arrive or depart on the days the tournament start (July 12th) and end (July 18th) can book extra nights. The team can stay in a school from 10th or 11th of July and stay until 19th or 20th of July. The cost for extra nights are €15/$20 per person and night. Please note that there is no food included during the extra nights, only school accommodation in a class room is available.

Please make sure that you entered the correct arrival and departure information on My Team Info

Can we stay at the same school during our whole stay, even if we need extra nights?

The school that is open for early arrivals and late departures could be another one than the one where the team will be staying during the tournament, which means that you might have to shift school before and after the tournament. 

Can we order food at the school outside of the tournament dates?

Unfortunately we cannot provide you with any meals at the school outside of the tournament dates. The school kitchens is only open during the tournament dates. If you need extra nights you will have to provide all meals by yourself. Please note that there is no opportunity to cook at the schools. 

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