Gothia Finals

The finals day are the obvious conclusion of a week filled with great football, lots of people, nerves and emotions. For a few, the dream comes true and they can raise the trophy in front of the many spectators.


The A-finals are played on Saturday at Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena. You can read more about the finals and see the preliminary schedule on our website.


For SKF Arena you don't need a ticket, the entrance is free of charge. At Gamla Ullevi you enter for free with your Gothia Card you can only enter once. If you leave Gamla Ullevi, you cannot re-enter. If you don’t have a Gothia Card you can buy tickets at the ticket booths.

Adults: 120 SEK

Children (under 15 years old): 60 SEK


All B-finals are played on Saturday at Heden.

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