Visa applying teams

Teams from countries that require visas to visit Sweden need to send a certificate to which proves that the club is registered with its national FIFA affiliated association. In countries where school teams affiliated to their school football association compete, the certificate must prove the registration with the national football association.

When the certificate is validated by Gothia Cup your registration to the tournament will be proceeded and you will receive a confirmation email with payment information. 

After this you need to send a list of participants with name, date of birth and passport number. When this information is complete and the dates of birth agree with the registered age category, a letter of invitation will be issued and sent to you.

Letters of invitation

Letters of invitation are only issued to registered teams after payment of the registration, accommodation fee and after validation of a participation list, including all the participant’s names, dates of birth and passport numbers.

If your visa gets rejected you will receive a refund of the accommodation cost.

Please note that letters of invitation only are issued to registered teams, including players and leaders, not accompanying people. 

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